old soldiers never die

old soldiers never die

a 1920 J. FOLEY (song-title) Old soldiers never die.

1930 BROPHY & PARTRIDGE Songs & Slang of British Soldier 1914–18 II. 67 Old soldiers never die—They simply fade away.

1933 F. RICHARDS Old Soldiers never Die xxviii. We generally wound up our evenings with the old song, set to the tune of a well-known hymn, ‘Old soldiers never die, they simply fade away’.

1940 Times 6 Apr. 4 There is an old saying that ‘Old soldiers never die’—but they may starve..when other State pensioners are receiving increased benefits.

2000 Washington Times 7 Apr. A18 Meanwhile, regardless of the case’s outcome, Gen. Kennedy plans to retire this summer, proving, once again, that old soldiers never die. These days, they just file harassment charges.

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